Alada Solution’s special processes and collaboration tools make Civil CAD drafting outsourcing, a grand success

Many Civil engineering firms who have not explored outsourcing of Civil CAD, Civil 3D work wonder how it really works seamlessly. Also many firms in US and elsewhere tend to develop sense of scepticism because of their experiences with some firms in the past.

"When you work with Alada Solutions, story is different though. "

It's not magic, said Prashant Katikar, Strategic Advisor to Alada Solutions. The credit goes to our systematic process driven workflow and set of collaboration tools, that helps us serve our clients effectively though we are thousands of miles away from them and that too in different time zones. Makes tracking workflows easier. ...

We use processes and tools extensively that includes stages like work allocation by clients, draftsman’s inputs and instructions, work in progress status, job priority management, work delivery using Dropbox like mechanisms, redline inputs, final delivery, and timesheets/billing. All this helps in improved collaboration amongst distributed teams. This also helps us increase overall work efficiency, better information access, and improved access to real-time updates.

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AladaSolutions Company

If you are looking to construct a new subdivision, highway, bridge, sewer system, water plant, or a shopping centre, you will need to begin the process by working on the drawing board with an experienced civil engineering drafter. These days, with availability of communication and collaboration tools, outsourcing Civil CAD drafting job has become norm in the industry. You just need to ensure that, agency taking this work has adequate skills, expertise, collaboration tools, dropbox like mechanisms and experience working with US, European clients on such assignments.

Alada Solutions has been working with a wide range of civil drafting clients worldwide offering a wide variety of services, including:
. Plan and Profiles
. Site Plans and Grading Plans
. Erosion Control Plans
. Water/Wastewater and Pumping Stations

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