How can your company benefit from outsourcing the Civil CAD work?

Outsourcing is a common term and phenomenon in the new world. Lot of industries do outsource of their work, right from IT, Electronics Design, Manufacturing, Accounting, HR, Insurance, Finance and many such streams.

How Civil engineering could be exception to that then? Civil engineering design and drafting firms in North America and Europe started outsourcing their work to agencies around the world and specially India like most common and reliable destinations since late 1990s. This became common practice post year 2005 and not it is common to see many agencies in US and other parts of the world have started moving their work to Alada Solutions like agencies in India.

Common benefits of CAD work outsourcing include the following:

  • Availability to high quality drafters from around the world
  • You can expedite your project design and drafting
  • Significant cost saving
  • You remained focus on core civil engineering work when drafting is outsourced
  • Get more flexibility by leveraging diverse expertise from other agencies
  • Run 24X7 production cycle – deliver layouts and images to India, next day get the final drafting output, so you don’t lose the time

Alada Solutions can certainly help you on this front and help you do more, faster, better at much lower cost.

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We are an India based sophisticated surveying and CAD draft firm established in 2019. Be it a large commercial project or a large residential apartment complex, or several mortgage/ boundary surveys, Alada Solutions team has dealt with those in terms of complete civil drafting aspects including 3D and simulation. Many firms in US and elsewhere tend to develop sense of scepticism because of their experiences with some firms in the past. When you work with Alada Solutions, story is different though! Our 20+ strong customer base is a proof of that.

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